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equestrian websites web design essex uk

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equestrian websites web design essex uk

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Equine-Web and DotGo

Equine Web works exclusively with the powerful and flexible DotGo Website System. We do this because its one of the BEST systems on the market!! We provide businesses with bespoke, professionally designed websites along with the control, access and benefits of a Build Your Own Website system. We understand that few business owners have the either the time or the design skills to create the website their business needs...., which is why we've joined forces to offer our clients the best of both worlds

What does your Hosting include?...

Fast, secure and unlimited enterprise grade hosting ...

We provide very fast, secure, enterprise class, UNLIMITED hosting.  You can upload as many images and as much content as you like. Our engineers are permanently on call to remedy any technical issues so we can keep you up and running 24/7/365.

Email services

We provide you with a professional mail-channels email service.  See (https://www.mailchannels.com) with unlimited usage and your own SMTP sending service. 
If you opted for the professional email service then this also includes a dedicated mail server with spam and virus filtering POP3 mailboxes and your own dedicated webmail service for each of your accounts.  You can setup, amend and create email redirections in seconds.
We also store and provide access to all your incoming emails (from your online forms).  You can then generate mailing lists for newsletters and marketing.

Business class expert support

We are always here when you need us.  We provide 1:1 telephone support and a vast array of support material that helps you learn our software and tools.

Website Management tools

Our website management software gives you instant access and simple tools to make changes whenever you need to.  Whether you want to make a quick change to some text, swap an image, create a gallery or build a set of new webpages, even re-style your entire site.  

Visitor statistics

We track every visitor to your website and provide a breakdown of all the visitors to your site by hour, day and month so you can see how your website is working for you.  Check out yourdomain/webstat

Domain name management

If you asked us to purchase your domain then we will continually purchase and renew your domain name for you.  We manage all the technical DNS and connect your website, your domain name and email and give you powerful tools, that are simple to use so you can do as much or as little yourself.


SEO tools

Getting found on Google is important to all websites.

The website that we build for you will be optimised for your keywords from the outset.  But we do more..... 

We build you a Google / Bing Sitemap and then resubmit this to Google and Bing every time you make changes to your site.  Check out yourdomain/sitemap.cfm.  This tells Google what pages to re-crawl and which pages are the most important. 

We then give you tools to update your Google listing for each webpage. 

We create external links to you from our own websites and other selected clients that give you an extra push.  Of course, you have to do your bit too; the more customers that visit your website and the bigger the social buzz around your site, the more you will be rewarded with higher Google rankings.  And of course, … you have to be patient 





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