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Please read the following information which clearly explains the roles of Reason8 Ltd. and 4TailConnections.

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1) Who's Who
4Tail Connections provides content design services. 4TailConnections are a third party company AND NOT RELATED TO REASON8 LTD. The agreement between you (The Client) and 4TailConnections relates only to the content of your website. 4TailConnections offers continued support regarding the website content only.

Reason8 a hosting and technology company that provides systems that allow you to change your content and manage your website.

2) Payment
You pay 4TailConnections a fee for producing your content

You pay Reason8 a monthly fee for the ongoing use of their technology, hosting and support services.

3) Ongoing support
4TailConnections will provide support for your website content

Reason8 will provide support for all technical questions.

4) Contract period
Temporary contract for each content design job agreed and undertaken. Contracts run from date of agreement of work required until date of signoff of said work.

Reason8 The minimum contract period with Reason8 Ltd is 12 months, after which your contract reverts to a rolling monthly contract.

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